Revised September 25, 2014.

The following represents Highsoft‘s current view of its product development cycle and future directions. It is intended for information purposes only, and should not be interpreted as a commitment on the part of Highsoft.

Highcharts 4.1 (Q1 2015)

  • Treemaps.
  • Better default functionality for handling large category labels by rotating at 45 or 90 degrees instead of automatic stagger lines.
  • Add support for multiple color thresholds, zones.
  • Better tooltip positioning and hit testing through K-D-trees and binary search.
  • Better visibility of data labels

Highcharts 5

  • Highcharts CSS branch with complete decoupling of style and form. All visual properties will be set in CSS rather than inline in the JavaScript API. This is consistent with HTML5/CSS and will be much more familiar for designers. Legacy IE is not supported in this branch, but will continue to be supported in the main branch.

Highstock 2.1 (Q1 2015)

  • Support for axis breaks with a given start, end and repetition rate. Allows explicitly defining nights and weekends.

Highmaps 1.1 (Q1 2015)

  • Support for latitude and longitude in our featured maps. Points can be given with lat/long, and clicks can be converted back to lat/long.

New products and services

  • Cloud based chart editor with hosting, estimated Q3 2014. We estimated to release in Q1, but some frontend issues have delayed it. See work in progress on
  • Gantt chart product.