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There is no need to compromise on the quality and performance of your charts as you move from one web development framework and language to the next. That is why we have developed our own wrappers for the most popular options used by web and mobile developers today.

By using our official wrappers you get the code quality and support that Highcharts is known for. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use these wrappers in your next project.

Official Wrappers

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Highcharts .NET

Highcharts .NET offer the full power of our API within the Microsoft .NET Framework.
View Highcharts .NET on NuGet

Highcharts iOS

Create beautiful, multi-touch charts with intelligent responsiveness using Highcharts iOS and Objective C wrapper.
View Highcharts iOS on CocoaPods

Highcharts Android

Save time with the robust and battle-tested Highcharts Android (Java) wrapper.
View Highcharts Android on Github

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Highcharts Editor

A simple and clean wizard-style UI which walks the user through chart creation from start to finish
View Highcharts Editor on Github

Community Wrappers

API Wrappers

Highcharter provided by Highcharter Jkunst.

Vaadin Charts, the official Vaadin wrapper for Highcharts JS.

Highcharts4gwt, provided by Ronan Quillevere.

GWT Highcharts provided by Moxie Group.

Wicked Charts, a Java wrapper provided by Tom Hombergs.

Python-Highcharts, a Python wrapper for Highcharts by Kyper.

Django Chartit, a Highcharts wrapper, provided by Tom Praveen Gollakota.

DotNet.Highcharts offers Highcharts integration with ASP.NET applications, provided by Vangel Kolarov

HighRoller, an object-oriented PHP wrapper for Highcharts, provided by John McLaughlin.

A Highcharts PHP wrapper, by Gonçalo Queirós.

Highcharts.NET, encapsulates the Highcharts API on ASP.NET controls. Team coordinated by paulovich.

highcharts Sencha is a Highcharts extension for Sencha products, including Ext JS and Sencha Touch, provided by Joe Kuan. See the Github page that includes links to demos and tutorial.

Highstock ExtJS 4 is a Highstock extension for extjs-4, provided by Joe Kuan. See demo and documentation

Highcharts extension for Yii framework by Milo Schuman.

HighchartTable, a jQuery plugin for generating charts from marked-up tables.

Angular directive for Highcharts by Barry Fitzgerald.

Highcharts Dojo Adapter developed by Benjamin Santalucia.

Django Chartit, a Highcharts wrapper, provided by Tom Praveen Gollakota.

acWBHighCharts.net ASP.NET AJAX Controls developed and provided by acDevsoftware.

HyJavaCharts, a Java wrapper provided by Powerbuilt Systems.

HighchartsSt, A Highcharts Js API wrapper for Pharo Smalltalk.

React JSX Highcharts, provided by Will Hawker.

Wrapper feature support matrix

HighchartsHighcharts MapsHighcharts StockGanttA11YBoostOffline ExportingData ExportDraggable PointsArrow Symbols
React JSyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes

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