Team settings

A Highcharts cloud team is a team environment that allows you to:

  • Create, store and delete charts.
  • Set/update subscription.
  • Add and remove members.
  • Create and manage groups, themes, API, and Webhooks.

Keep in mind that all charts, groups, and subteams created by a team belong to that team. Members (users) can be added to groups by the admin.


    • A team represents a company (organization). Basically, for each company or organization, there is only one team. In the case of a user that works for many companies (e.g., freelancer),¬† that user can set up a team for each company.
    • A subteam is a set of members (users) to create/style/share charts.
    • A group is a set of members with specific¬†privileges such as admin rights, charts sharing rights, etc.

How to create a team

      1. Click on the big plus of the team selector.
      2. Select New Team.
      3. Write the team name.
      4. Select Public or Private.
      5. Click on Create.

How to delete a team

      1. Select the team from the team section.
      2. Go to Settings.
      3. Click on Delete team.