Version 2.0 released

Version 2.0 has been released with the most frequently asked feature of Highcharts, chart saving and exporting. With the new version you can add export buttons on your chart and let your users download PNGs, JPGs, PDFs or SVGs of your charts.

The exporting module is powered by a server backend that is either Highslide Software’s free web service, or a server module that hosts can install on their own server.

Exporting is possible due to the entirely new SVG based rendering layer in Highcharts. On top of the SVG renderer is an VML renderer for Internet Explorer. When exporting, all browsers will revert to the SVG renderer and send an SVG representation of the chart to the server, where it is converted to other image formats.

The new model also means better performance in IE. The charts are drawing quicker than ever in IE, and the more point markers the greater the diffence. The chart below shows a comparison of average rendering times of a line chart with 1000 points.

Another benefit of the SVG model is reduced memory usage in standard compliant browser. While in version 1 the multiple canvases would consume a lot of memory, in version 2 the SVG elements are more light weight.

Go to the download page to try out the new version now!

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