Highcharts Cloud – online charts for everyone

We’re proud to finally announce Highcharts Cloud, the visual editor and hosting platform for the world’s best web charting tool! Creating a high quality interactive chart for a professional website, a blog or just for fun is now within everyone’s reach.

Whether you’re a journalist or blogger looking for a quick data visualization tool, a developer looking for a user interface for your clients, or a designer working on quick chart mockups, Highcharts Cloud is the tool for you.


After several months of beta testing, the Highcharts Cloud is now generally available. The Cloud product is a result of requests from numerous clients who needed a graphical interface for content producers to publish interactive charts. To get here, we have collaborated closely with many users and partners, by analyzing their needs and the way they would like to use the editor.

Regardless of whether you are already familiar with Highcharts’ other products, your adoption of the Cloud charts editor will be almost instant, thanks to the simplicity of its design. You can also learn more by visiting www.highcharts.com/cloud.

If you would like to share your experiences with the Cloud chart editor, please contact us. After all, people like you collaborated with Highcharts to build the editor.


The Highcharts Cloud chart editor is a very intuitive and an easy-to-use tool to create professional interactive charts. Let’s discover some of the Cloud editor’s features.

user-friendlyUSER FRIENDLY

With its simple and powerful graphical interface (GUI), anyone can create interactive charts with great ease in few clicks.


SIMPLE IMPORTsimple-import

The graphical interface offers a smooth import data process. All you have to do is to drag and drop a CSV file, or copy/paste an Excel file. Google Spreadsheet files are also supported. If you don’t have any of those, just enter your data directly.



You have a variety of templates to set up your charts. You can select simple chart templates such as Line orArea, or more advanced templates like Polar or Stock charts. Combination charts are also available.



If you like detailed control, don’t panic! The GUI also offers an advanced mode with the capability of personalizing your charts using hundreds of Highcharts options in addition to hand coded HTML and JavaScript.


social-sharingSOCIAL SHARING

The Highcharts Cloud application has an intuitive way to share your charts on your favorite social media (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ …), or to embed it in your website or blog.



The produced charts are compatible with any browser from IE6 to modern browsers, and responsive on mobile platforms.


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