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Highcharts Dashboard supports these features?

Hi there, Hope you are well!
Within our company's application, we've developed a tailored dashboard utilizing Highcharts for visualization. This dashboard incorporates various filters to dynamically update the displayed data alongside its charts.
Recently, I've contemplated transitioning to Highcharts Dashboard for enhanced functionality. However, I've been unable to locate examples illustrating multiple chart types—such as line and bar charts—coupled with filter functionality akin to what Superset dashboard offers.
Could you provide insights into whether Highcharts Dashboard supports these features?

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Re: Highcharts Dashboard supports these features?


We appreciate you reaching out to us!

Highcharts Dashboards is a fairly low-level and highly customizable solution. It supports data set management between components and their synchronization and modification. Therefore, the current demos focus more on this functionality than on the types of Highcharts charts used in components, because in principle each of them can be used and connected to a common data set. Components can also be custom defined.

Data modifiers are responsible for data modification, such as filtering (range modifier). You can read more about them here: ... -modifiers

If anything is unclear, don't hesitate to ask. This library is currently in a phase of rapid development and every feedback is worth its weight in gold. If you have any feature suggestions, you can submit them to our GitHub repository: ... new/choose

Best regards!
Dawid Draguła
Highcharts Developer

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