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Range selector buttons not working

In the initial load, chart contain data from 20-Jan-2023 to 17-Mar-2023 and it shows all data at once. But the range selection button on the top show as disabled and cannot select 1month or other range to check specific data. Also cannot change date from the calender as well. How to solve this issue? chart version 10.3.3
Screenshot 2023-03-18 at 22.49.14.png
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Re: Range selector buttons not working


Thanks for contacting us with your question!

Range selector is strictly connected to xAxis.minRange, which sets the minimum range than can be displayed. As documentation states:
The default minRange for the x axis is five times the smallest interval between any of the data points.
So with provided data the minRange is bigger than one month, thus making "1m" button disabled. You can override this property by setting minRange to your own time unit in miliseconds, e.g. days or month.
The problem with selecting range in date picker is a reported bug that appears on all Firefox browsers, you can track its status here: If this problem appeared on other browser, please write your browser and OS name and version.



Let me know if that was what you were looking for!
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