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HighCharts Gantt row height to be auto

In my case, I have Highcharts Gantt with multiple vertical stacked bars in a single row, but all the rows have the same height with blank space. I want the row's height to be dependent on the amount of bars it has and not dependent on other rows. here are some screenshots and Stackblitz link. ... lendar.tsx
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Re: HighCharts Gantt row height to be auto

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Thanks for contacting us with your question. Unfortunately, Highcharts Gantt doesn't have a property that allows to set individual row height, because row placement is calculated by chart height. You can try using yAxis.staticScale property, although it applies to all rows on Axis.

There is a similar topic on GitHub Highcharts repository, which has a workaround: ... -791540339. If you want, you can upvote this feature request, so it might get implemented in the future.


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