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Gant chart takes long time to load when it has huge series data


I am using Gant chart in my project with around 2000 points in the series. Series contains 4 different types of points each type having different tooltip messages (rendered using formatter function). Also based on few logic certain icons also rendered inside points.

Because of this load and the calculations, loading time taken by the browser increases and becomes unresponsive sometimes. Do we have any functionality in Gantt chart which speeds up the chart rendering or can we implement lazy loading?

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Re: Gant chart takes long time to load when it has huge series data


Welcome to our forum and thank you for contacting us with your question.

Just by looking at your config description, I can tell you that it's a really heavy chart, so it might be hard to do some improvements without removing any of your features.
First of all, I would start with turboThreshold - make sure that it's enabled.
Also, make sure that your data is sorted by x values.

When it comes to lazy loading, here is the demo of a lazy loaded stock chart: ... zy-loading

API Reference: ... oThreshold

Best regards!
Kamil Musiałowski
Highcharts Developer

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