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Live Data JSON format


I am trying to get the highcharts cloud/highcharts editor LIVE JSON URL to populate a chart. after several attempts at different formats, I thought I should ask.

Thinks link returns a column based json with 2 columns "_index" (timestamps) and "proba_1_long" (floats). I thought this was how it should be formatted to work in the cloud editor. anything stand out to why its not loading?


Thanks! :D :D
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Re: Live Data JSON format


Thank you for contacting us with your question!

You need to provide a date that will be understood by the highcharts, i.e. you must format it properly,
learn more here: https://www.highcharts.com/docs/working ... data-intro

Here you can find what formats are supported by highcharts:

Take a look at a simple example of data parsing:

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