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Can you help me debug my page?

Yes, our goal is to help every user to solve any Highslide related problem. To do that we need to see your page in a live working environment. If you can, set up a minimal test page showing your problem and as few other things as possible. If your page is offline, you can save a static version of it in Firefox and upload it to a live server:
  • Open your page in Firefox
  • Click File => Save Page As... and choose "Complete webpage".
  • Choose a file name, for example HighslideProject.htm and a location.
  • Try running HighslideProject.htm in Firefox. If the Highslide popup is not opening, set hs.outlineType = null. Alternatively, to see your popup with the right outlines, use hs.graphicsDir = '' .
  • Upload HighslideProject.htm and the folder Files_for_HighslideProject.
If you don't have access to a web server, you can zip up the files and send them to support at highslide.
Torstein Hønsi
CTO, Founder

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