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I have a number of single images which, when clicked on, display a larger version with a semi-transparent close button overlay as in the bare-bones example. This works fine. However, I'm now trying to add several galleries to the same page using the samples from, 3 Galleries in page. This works fine for my initial two galleries except that the close button overlay from the expanded single images now appears in the frame surrounding each gallery. The offending bit of code in the <head> section of the page is this:

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		html: '<div class="closebutton" onclick="return hs.close(this)" title="Close"></div>',
		position: 'top right',
		fade: 2 // fading the semi-transparent overlay looks bad in IE
How can I prevent this overlay being applied to my galleries?

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Re: Overlays

The general answer is that you need to use a slideshowGroup to differentiate between objects or galleries that use one set of overlays vs. another set.

Edit: Happily, I put together an example of this a long time ago, and it's still there. Study the page code:

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