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Demo with clickable points uses old highslides


My team wanted to implement the clickable points functionality shown here.

We thought this was out of the box highcharts functoinality but it is using an old version of Torstein's HighSlide library ... ull.min.js

Is there a HC module that offers the same functionality or a different library you would recommend? Maybe would work.

Here is the Highslide code from the demo page

Code: Select all

                      hs.htmlExpand(null, {
                                pageOrigin: {
                                    x: e.pageX || e.clientX,
                                    y: e.pageY || e.clientY
                                maincontentText: Highcharts.dateFormat('%A, %b %e, %Y', this.x) + ':<br/> ' +
                                    this.y + ' visits',
                                width: 200
Sorry for asking so many questions lately,

Re: Demo with clickable points uses old highslides

Hi Tony

Yes, jQuery would be a proper replacement.

Best regards!

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