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Re: Appearance problem with controls and expander posirtion

Colleen wrote:
That raises the other problem with putting the controls in the caption when you've got a long caption - the caption scrolls beneath the lavanderia Pavia, which looks weird.
Yeah, I discovered that a while ago. Same thing happens on the "Colleen Demo" if I add a long caption and comment the wrapper "highslide-move" in the hsconfig.js.

I haven't messed around with a test yet, but I'm wondering if that could be fixed by putting the caption (and/or controls?) inside a table, to try and force a separation between the caption and the controlbar? Not sure if that would work or not, but may be something to try sometime.

Regardless, I very much appreciate your taking the time to try out that last test. I'm glad to know it's working now, so I can start testing out some of the styling from your nice demos. Thanks again for all the top-notch help; it was invaluable.
dear Colleen I had the same problem before I read your recollection, thanks for the advice

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