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Static Player embedded into an image

Ok the friend whose site I am helping build has now asked if the highslide gallery can be embedded into an image such as a png file that looks like a picture frame. The gallery has 8 pictures that should auto play within this picture frame and repeat over and over. Can this be accomplished using the editor ? If so can someone please give me a few tips as to how to get it completed.

Had I known this was going to be such a headache I would have asked for 2 cases of clay targets and a case of ammunition for the new skeet shotgun he got for me for doing some other projects for him lol

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Re: Static Player embedded into an image

IMO, Highslide JS is simply the wrong tool for doing something like that. You don't need an expander, you don't need controls for the visitor, you don't need extensive captioning abilities, etc., etc.

What you want to do, conceptually, is create a div on the page and put a border on the div, to make your "picture frame." Now you just need a simple HTML slideshow script to run a series of images in that div. Google for HTML slideshow, and you'll find all sorts of scripts for doing this.

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