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Button context menu


First, sorry if English is not good, I'm Brazilian and I'm using the google translator.

I have a problem here, the Chart button context menu of the graphics we use are behind the chart, making it impossible to click it. I've tried changing the z-index and still does not work. I noticed that if I take the property transform = "translate (346.15)" it is active, but if I take this property, I can not put the button back to the place he should be. Could anyone help me? Never shifted in Highcharts, only those who work in it and he's my boss is on vacation! :(
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Re: Button context menu

Hi !

make sure you have latest version of Highcharts and exporting (3.0.7). If updating won't help, or you have 3.0.7 version, create simple jsFiddle demo with that issue. Steps:

1) open:
2) edit code
3) click top button "Update"
4) send us URL to working example with that issue
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