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Displaying tooltip on null values

I have an spline chart that has some null values, i used the property connectNulls: true, and it is really connecting them but not showing an tooltip probably because it doesnt renders them to the screen. i want to be able to show an tooltip over the null values, could you help me with that?
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Re: Displaying tooltip on null values


Thanks for the question!

You're right - the tooltip is not displayed on null values because they are not rendered on the screen.

Null values, by definition, are not positioned anywhere on the chart. Thus, there is no way for Highcharts to detect where to add the mouseover event (which is not the case for any point which has [x, y] coordinates defined properly).

How would you like this to work? Where would you like to add this mouseover event and what should be the content of the tooltip?

Best regards!
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