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Unable to capture multiple graphs at a time.


I have used PHP and Puppeteer to generate Graphs, export them as images, and store them on a server. I want to generate a minimum of 1000 stock images in a minute.
but running multiple scripts simultaneously returns a 503 error on the server.

I have used PHP to show graphs on the page. On the single page, I show 3 graphs at a time.
I called that PHP file using Puppeteer to capture those 3 graphs and store them as images separately.
I have another PHP script file to execute the node puppeteer script for each stock in the looping method.

Please suggest any solution to fix the 503 error. or any alternative method to achieve a minimum of 1000 stock images exported within a minute on the server.
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Re: Unable to capture multiple graphs at a time.


Welcome to our forum & thanks for the question!

Are you using the official Highcharts Export Server (https://github.com/highcharts/node-export-server) or your own solution?

If you're using our official server, it is rate-limited, meaning that you can only send 10 requests a minute (in order to prevent DDOS attacks) so there's no way to generate 1000+ images within a minute.

If you'd like, you could clone the repository and set up your own Export Server which you could adjust to your needs and scale it on the deployed server appropriately to handle this kind of traffic.

Best regards!
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