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series candle stick

I am trying to style the candle stick red or green based on the previous day close price. I can style the color key but I can't figure out how to style line correctly.

The data looks like this

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// OHLC stands for:
import { TimeSeriesDaily } from "@prisma/client";

export type OHLCEntry = [
  timestamp: number,
  open: number,
  high: number,
  low: number,
  close: number,
  candleStickColor: string,

export const transformOHLCData = (data: TimeSeriesDaily[]): OHLCEntry[] => {
  return, index): OHLCEntry => {
    // Default color to 'green' for the first item as there's no previous day to compare with
    let candleStickColor = "green";
    if (index > 0) {
      const previousClose = data[index - 1]?.close ?? 0;
      candleStickColor = item.close > previousClose ? "green" : "red";
    return [ ? new Date( : 0,,

and then in my series I am doing this

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     type: "candlestick",
        name: `${title} Price`,
        data: indicatorData.ohlcData,
        yAxis: "ohlc",
        keys: ["x", "open", "high", "low", "close", "color"], // Add 'color' to keys
        colorKey: "color", 
But the line around the candle stick is still the wrong color and I cant use

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 upLineColor: "green",
        lineColor: "red",
since this is going to use the default behavior and not respect the

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 keys: ["x", "open", "high", "low", "close", "color"], // Add 'color' to keys
        colorKey: "color",
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Re: series candle stick


Welcome to our forum & thanks for the question!

I've created a simple candlestick example where I've set different colors for the "up" and "down" sticks:

If this does not work for you, please try to reproduce your issue and share a minimal reproducible example in a form of an online demo (like the one that I've included) here so I could take a look and investigate this further.

Best regards!
Highcharts Developer

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