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Visualizing denser scatter plots better

I have a scatter plot with high number of points that are overlapping or very close. I want to visualize the density of points or region of density.

Reproducer -

Solutions I've tried -

- Reducing opacity and size of markers (present in above reproducer)
- I thought of clustering ... er.cluster, but may not work well with this kind of data?
- I tried changing default tooltip to show the number of points at a given point but it also does not work well for these many points
- Jittering will not work as both x and y are numerical scale

Open to interesting ideas to make this visualization better.

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Re: Visualizing denser scatter plots better


When it comes to such amount of data like in your example, it is impossible to use jitter or cluster markers, as they are not compatible wih the boost module. If you believe that cluster markers should be available whilst using boost, you can always submit a feature request on Highcharts repository: ... .md&title=.

In case of any other questions, feel free to ask anytime.
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