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"Loading..." label keeps showing, no picture loads

Thu Jul 26, 2007 10:29 am

There might be several reasons for this. Try these steps one by one:
  1. Make sure the full size pictures are uploaded. Right click your thumbnail and choose "Open link in new window". If you get a "File not found" error page, the href attribute is wrong, or the file doesn't exist.
  2. Check that the case of the filename matches. On Linux servers, ".jpg" is not the same as ".JPG".
  3. Check that the hs.graphicsDir setting in the top of your HTML file or in your highslide.config.js file is correct. If the script doesn't find the outline graphics, the expander will not show, and a Loading... label will keep showing. A great way to find out if the outline is loading, is to use the Net tab of Firebug. Any filename shown in red indicates a file that is not found.
  4. Check that all the outline graphics in hs.graphicsDir are uploaded to the web server.
  5. If you upgraded from a version lower than 3.2 to 3.2 or higher, you must upload the graphics dir again. The new versions use a new outline model.
  6. If the problem only appears in IE, you might be using some png-fix script.

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