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Zoom in and out with highcharts v9.1.2

Sun Jun 04, 2023 1:50 pm

I have a problem with highcharts when zoom in and out with the following log trace:

----------Exception 1-------
java.lang.JsException: TypeError: Cannot convert undefined or null to object
Unknown.draw( ... .js@28:263)
Unknown.drawPoint( ... .js@18:286)
Unknown.anonymous( ... .js@413:27)
Unknown.drawPoints( ... 2.js@55:26)
Unknown.render( ... js@175:449)
Unknown.c( ... .js@259:51)
Unknown.( ... .js@199:27)
Unknown.redraw( ... js@342:450)
Unknown.anonymous( ... 2.js@3:365)
Unknown.redraw( ... js@459:364)

Any clue why this happens?

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Re: Zoom in and out with highcharts v9.1.2

Mon Jun 05, 2023 6:38 am


Welcome to our forum & thanks for the question!

It seems to me like it might be related to some of your custom logic or something with your config.

This error does not appear in a simple Highcharts scenario:

Could you please try to reproduce this issue and send me a link? (You could use JSFiddle that I've sent as a starting point).

Only then will I be able to help.

Best regards!
Highcharts Developer

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