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placing Legend and Label values together?

Fri Sep 13, 2019 8:49 am

Hi there!

I need to create the simplest pie chart to display the answers to a yes-no question, like this:
And I'd like to place both, the Legend (words "Yes" and "No") and the Serie Label (numbers+%) inside their respective portions of the pie.
Or, if not inside, somewhere else in chart

Is that possible?

Thank you!

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Re: placing Legend and Label values together?

Mon Sep 16, 2019 9:30 am


Yes, it is possible and very simple using dataLabels. Unfortunately, I have just found that there is a bug with dataLabels in Pie when we click "Show In Legend". It's a major bug and will be fixed soon. ... issues/546

Best regards!
Rafal Sebestjanski,
Highcharts Team Lead

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