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why far way scatter point not shown in ordinal axis

Please check:

Here, I have put the dummy column and dummy scatter points along with candlestick data.
I have set column to after 6 months after last epoch fo candlestick data.
I have set two scatter points. One in middle of timeline and on at the same epoch as of column chart (which is after 6 months of candlestick data).
I have also set xaxis.ordinal to true.

So, I expect that all the scatter point should be visible, as x axis is ordinal.
But That is not the case. Only first scatter which is in middle of timeline is only visible.
But, column is visible.

Why column is visible but not second scatter point besides both are on same eppoch?
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Re: why far way scatter point not shown in ordinal axis


Thanks for the question!

You're right, it seems to be a bug. Feel free to report this on our GitHub repository here: ... .md&title=

The reason for this is the following: the second scatter point has isInside = false which means that Highcharts treats it as a point outside the plot area (this kind of point will not be rendered).

A workaround solution to this is to set the xAxis.overscroll ( which creates additional space on the right side of the x-axis so now the scatter point has some free space that can be filled.


Let me know if that helps.

Best regards!
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