Highcharts Dashboards with React

To create a dashboard with React please follow the steps below:

  1. Install the Dashboards package.

    npm install @highcharts/dashboards
  2. Import the Dashboards package.

    import * as Dashboards from '@highcharts/dashboards/dashboards';
  3. To fully utilize the Dashboards potential, consider additional packages like Highcharts or DataGrid.

    First install the package.

    npm install highcharts

    Then import the package and the dedicated plug to connect it to the Dashboards.

    import * as Highcharts from 'highcharts';
    import HighchartsPlugin from '@highcharts/dashboards/es-modules/Dashboards/Plugins/HighchartsPlugin';
  4. Add a div or any other HTML element where you want to render the dashboard.

    <div id="dashboard"></div>
  5. Create a dashboard using the factory function Dashboards.board. The function takes three arguments:

    • container - the element where the dashboard will be rendered, can be an id of the element or the direct reference to the element
    • options - the options object for the dashboard
    • isAsync - whether the dashboard should be rendered asynchronously or not- useful when using external data resources

See how it works in the basic live example or component live example.