Highcharts 3.0 released

Posted on March 22, 2013 by Torstein Hønsi. Last modified on April 04, 2016.

We're proud to present Highcharts 3.0!

With this release we added lots of chart types, modernized the look and feel, optimized for multi touch zoom and more.

What's new in Highcharts 3.0?

Bubble chart

Bubble charts allow three dimensional data to be plotted in an X/Y diagram with sized bubbles. An optional radial gradient fill color gives the bubbles an additional spacial feel. Try out the radial gradient bubbles.

Box plot

A box plot, or box-and-whiskers chart, displays groups of data by their five point summaries: minimum, lower quartile, median, upper quartile and maximum. Combined with a scatter plot it can also show outliers. Live demo.

Error bars

An error bar series is a secondary series that lies on top of a parent series and displays the possible error range of each parent point. Live demo.

Funnel chart

A funnel is a chart type mainly used by sales personnel to monitor the stages of the sales cycle, from first interest to the closed sale. Live demo.

Waterfall chart

Waterfall charts display the cumulative effects of income and expences, or other similar data. In Highcharts, a point can either be positive or negative, an intermediate sum or the total sum. Live demo.

Color threshold

Color thresholds allow you to give a specific color to data below a certain value. Great for temperature series or for monitoring that values stay above a certain value! Live demo.

Multitouch zooming and panning

On touch devices, Highcharts now supports zooming the preferred way, by two-finger gestures. In response to the zoomType settings, the charts can be zoomed in and out as well as panned by one finger. Bring up your iPad and check out the live demo!

Auto margins for pies

With Highcharts 3.0, pie charts are automatically fitted within the plot area, including their data labels.

jQuery plugin

As the vast majority of Highcharts users are running jQuery, we've taken the consequence and included a jQuery plugin. Now you can instanciate the chart by the familiar jQuery plugin pattern: $("#container").highcharts(options);

More dynamic

On user request, we added more dynamic methods like chart.addAxis, axis.remove, axis.update and series.update for altering the chart after render time. With these tools, you can for example change the series type dynamically by running series.update({ type: "column" }).

Data module

Highcharts 3.0 comes bundled with a spefic Data module, intended to ease the common process of loading data from CSV, HTML tables and even Google Spreadsheets. Live demo.

Updated design

We have also taken the opportunity to update our design - more vivid colors, no shadows and a simplified and combined export button are among the updated design elements in Highcharts 3.0. For those who feel that the export button now is easier to overlook, we added the option to use text buttons.