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There is no denying that the introduction of node.js changed web development in a radical way. Like for many companies, JavaScript has become full-stack language of choice for our own development as well. In support of  fellow web developers across the world, we are making sure that Highcharts remains the preferred choice for charting, and have therefore release official wrappers for all the major frameworks, with more to come. Make your pick from the options below.

Official Frameworks

Highcharts React

Official minimal Highcharts wrapper for React. View Highcharts React on NPM

Highcharts Angular

Official minimal Highcharts wrapper for Angular. View Highcharts Angular on NPM

Highcharts Vue

Official minimal Highcharts wrapper for Vue framework. View Highcharts Vue on NPM

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The most significant developer community of any premium charting tool on Github, Stack Overflow and other forums, is eager to offer additional assistance, platform-specific implementation advice and inspiration when you need it. Also, we have a dozen dedicated support engineers monitoring our forums, Stack overflow, Github and support emails.

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