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We listen carefully to what our customers want, and whenever a feature makes sense for 99% of the use cases, we implement into our core product.

For all other cases, you may always override or add to default functionality by writing your own addons. But first, check whether somebody already made an addon for your needs.

Also below, you will find some examples with code snippets from our community of cool things you can do with our standard library as well.

Official Add Ons

Highcharts NodeJS export handler

This is a node.js application/service that converts Highcharts.JS charts to static image files. It supports PNG, JPEG, SVG and PDF output; and the input can be either SVG, or JSON-formatted chart options.
View Highcharts NodeJS on Github

Highcharts Java export handler

The Legacy Java + PhantomJS Highcharts Export Server. Please check out our new NodeJS based export server.
View Highcharts Java on Github

Community Add Ons


By nlfurniss, added version 3.1.0 2 months ago
A Highcharts, HighStock and HighMaps component for ember cli

By blacklabel, added version 3.0.10 10 months ago
Plugin that allows you to add extra events, like double / right click on each chart element, for Highcharts.

By torsteinhonsi, added version 1.0.6 a year ago
This plugin allows individually rounded corners in columns and bars. Improves the looks on stacked charts and allows better alignment to the threshold line.

By blacklabel, added version 2.2.7 a year ago
Highcharts plugin that adds new series: multicolor-series, where you can define color for each part of a path, between two points.

By blacklabel, added version 1.2.0 5 months ago
Highcharts plugin to add grouped categories to charts.


SMA Volume by price
By , added Wednesday July 8, 2020
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Dynamically updated data
By , added Wednesday July 8, 2020


Stock chart with custom GUI
By , added Wednesday July 8, 2020


MACD pivot points
By , added Wednesday July 8, 2020


Planet earth
By , added Monday December 11, 2017


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