Anyone can create and publish interactive charts with Highcharts Cloud

Virtually every website, app or news outlet uses interactive charts to make data more easily understood. Highcharts Cloud is a service that makes it easy for non-technical users to create and publish charts just like these.

Whether you are a blogger, journalist, researcher or business executive, sharing your data through attractive, interactive charts is now simpler than ever.

Highcharts Cloud wraps the world’s most popular and advanced charting technology in a user-friendly, wizard-driven interface so that you may focus your energy on your charts, not the technology behind them.

Highcharts Cloud offers:

  • A variety of chart types, layouts and colors for customizing your charts
  • Optimized chart layout for both desktops to mobile devices.
  • Live data import via Google Spreadsheet or other external sources
  • Online storage and serving of your charts, so you don’t have to worry about your upgrading your site (or even having a site).
  • Internal/on-premise hosting for large enterprises.
  • Free and inexpensive plans for individuals and businesses.

Your turn to create charts without programming

With over 80% of the world’s largest publishers and companies using Highcharts technology, there is a great chance you have been interacting with a Highcharts graph without knowing it.

If you are interested in learning more, check this quick tutorial below on how to make a chart in less than 30 seconds.

Creating a chart in less than 30 seconds

The video-loop shows you the process of creating a chart in less than 30 seconds. (This tutorial assumes you have a spreadsheet with your data already. If not, it is super-easy to just enter the data manually into the wizard, which we will show you next).

Videos are great, but practice is better! Let’s create a chart from scratch. (set aside 3-4 minutes since this is your first time).

Let’s make a chart

Go to the main Highcharts Cloud webpage and click on the GET STARTED NOW!
For this tutorial, we will use the following weather data to create a chart. (When we are done, it will look like this.)


(You may also use your own data for testing.)

Creating a chart is done in three simple steps:


You have two options to open the editor, either from the Highcharts Cloud homepage by clicking on the button GET STARTED NOW!, or from your account by clicking on Create Chart button (top right).


There are 4 ways to bring your data into Highcharts Cloud:

  1. Manual data entry.
  2. Drag and drop your CSV file.
  3. Copy/paste your Excel data into the data area.
  4. Link to your Google spreadsheet file.

For this tutorial, we enter our data manually. In the Chart Data editor, enter data into the cells as you would in a spreadsheet. (Secret trick: if you want to test with some pre-existing sample data, click the Import button at the bottom and choose Sample Data from the top of the pop-up).


This is the fun part! Where you pick a chart type, get creative and style your chart with colors, fonts, etc.
Go to the Template section and select a template from the chart types. Then go to the Customize section to edit your chart’s descriptions, such as the title, subtitle, and y-axes title.


Highcharts Cloud allows you to share your chart in many formats such as interactive (HTML & javascript), static, PNG, PDF, SVG, etc.

Here is how you may decide on which format is right for you.

    1. Do you need an interactive chart on your website/blog?
      Go to the Publish section, click on the green Publish button, then copy/paste the IFrame Code or the Inject code in your CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. For more details about how to add your chart to a CMS, check this guide.
    2. Do you need a static image (for a printed report, etc.)?
      Go to the upper right part of the chart, then click on the three horizontal lines, and select the format of your picture such as PNG, PDF, JPEG, or SVG.
    3. Do you want to share the chart online without embedding it in a blog/website (e.g, sharing a link to the chart via email)?
      Go to the Publish section, click on the green Publish button, then copy/paste the URL into the Share URL section.
    4. Do you want to share it on social media?
      Go to the Publish section, click on the green Publish button, then click on the Facebook or Twitter icons.

If you are still with us, congratulations are in order: You have made a chart and published it!

There is no “I” in Teamwork!

Feeling lonely? You may collaborate with others to enhance this chart by subscribing to the team accounts. Here are more details on how to set up a team and sub-team (groups).

Feeling adventurous? Go ahead and explore further by making more charts by uploading data via a Spreadsheet file (CSV) or connecting to an existing Google Spreadsheet.

For further details feel free to check the Highcharts Cloud documentation and the FAQ webpage.