Synchronisation of multiple charts

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When it comes to displaying two data-series along a common X-axis, it is common to display the scale for one data set along the Y-axis on the left, and the other on the right.

However, for three or more data series, it may be better to split the data up into multiple, synchronized charts.

In this example we are tracking a runner’s performance along her path (X-axis), with separate charts for elevation, speed and heart-rate.

Hover over the chart with your mouse to track the exact value of each data point.

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One thought on “Synchronisation of multiple charts”

  • Ideally, when you click your mouse, hold, and then drag to make a selection, it should not just be the chart your mouse is on that has the background section highlighted. It should be ALL charts end up with the selected section highlighted. Not having this feature means the charts are not synchronized in that aspect.

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