Add annotations on the chart

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Here’s a practical demo on how to add client-side annotations to a chart via a simple editor.

Read more about the annotations module here, and explore how to use this module in a live demo.

Do you have some code you want to share with the world as well? Go here to learn how you may contribute some helpful code of your own.

4 thoughts on “Add annotations on the chart”

    • Mustapha Mekhatria says:

      It is working fine here.
      Be sure to select from the four shapes above the chart, then click where you want to add them on the chart.

  • Doesnt work for me

    Browser: Firefox 67.0 (64-bit)
    console.error: NS_ERROR_FAILURE: highstock.src.js:4123:22
    strokeWidth highstock.src.js:4195
    u highstock.src.js:7312
    P highstock.src.js:7360
    textSetter highstock.src.js:7492

    Works fine in Chrome

    • Mustapha Mekhatria says:

      Hi Miraldo,
      It looks like you are using http instead of https. Could you please try the demo with https?
      Let me know the result 🙂

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