Two stories to every chart

Road sign pointing to both left and right

It is said that every story has two sides. In our world, I will tell you that every chart has two stories. The story that the chart tells, and the story about how the chart was built. Today, I will share the story of the re-seller map.

It all started with my response, “Sure, no problem, I will do it!”, to my colleague request when asked, “Could you please set a re-seller chart?, “ it will be great if you show the data by using a map, the data is stored on a google spreadsheet, be creative as usual, thanks a lot”.

My first sketch demo was this one:

The user has to click to see the data, and click again to make it disappear. Even though it is a satisfactory chart, it requires two clicks, one to open the window, and another to close. I was confident there was room for improvement so I set up a second demo (see below):

The second chart is more user-friendly when compared to the first one, the users simply hover over the chart and the data pops up. The only issue is the users could not click on the link if they would like to check the reseller information. I realized there was still room for improvement.

So, what’s next? Well, why if I can set a demo that takes the best from the above charts, a demo that allows more flexibility to the user by:

1. Displaying and pausing the re-seller data.
2. Making the jump from one country to another easy.

It did not take me too long to realize that my best option is to offer to the user, one click to select the country and display the data and voila (check below):

Remember, there are two stories to every chart.