Highcharts .NET offers the full power of our API within the Microsoft .NET Framework. .NET Developers can incorporate Highcharts and Highcharts Stock into their projects like any native .NET object, using their favorite IDE to create interactive charts and dashboards.


.NET developers are now able to create interactive cross-platform, mobile-friendly charts and dashboards using the extensive Highcharts API (which includes both Highcharts and Highstock for financial charts and dashboards) like any native .NET object using their favorite IDE and C# syntax (ASP.NET, MVC).

On the server-side, you will need ASP .NET MVC 4+, Visual Studio .NET 2012, and above are highly recommended if you want to open product demos directly. On the client-side, no additional work is necessary. The resulting chart code generates data-driven charts using the rock-solid Highcharts JavaScript library, which dynamically scales across all modern browsers and platforms (Highcharts browser compatibility)

You can download the Highcharts .NET wrapper from our website DotNET.Highcharts, or from NuGet.

Highcharts .NET comes with thorough documentation and many demos that make the learning curve painless. The API documentation provides descriptions of all necessary classes and how to use them. We are happy to provide any technical support necessary to solve your issues; feel free to reach out to our official Highcharts .NET technical support.

Highcharts .NET license is included in all types of licenses at no extra cost. Visit our Highcharts shop to see pricing for our licenses.

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    9 months ago | 2 minutes read | Post-tags: Angular,  Node.js,  NPM

    Robustify Highcharts

    Additional product Highcharts Maps

    Create interactive map charts with drill-down and touch support.

    Additional product Highcharts Stock

    Create stock or general timeline charts for any web and mobile project.

    Additional product Highcharts Gantt

    Create interactive charts for allocating and displaying tasks, events, and resources along a timeline.

    Add-on Export Server

    Allow your users to download the chart as PDF, PNG, JPG or SVG vector images, and more.