Highcharts Python integration

Highcharts python integration logo

Exciting news for all Python developers and data scientists! Highcharts, the leading charting library, will soon launch its official Python integration.

Consisting of Highcharts Core for Python, Highcharts Stock for Python, Highcharts Maps for Python, and Highcharts Gantt for Python, the new toolkit brings all the power of Highcharts to the Python ecosystem, making it easier than ever to create beautiful and interactive charts in your Python applications.

The Highcharts Python integration comes with full Highcharts support, giving developers access to the complete range of Highcharts features, from simple line charts to complex heat maps and Gantt charts. But what sets this integration apart is its simple and powerful Pythonic API. With easy-to-understand syntax, intuitive function names, and native integration with data tools like Pandas and Jupyter Notebooks, you’ll create stunning charts in no time.

The toolkit includes extensive documentation, such as tutorials, reference docs, and example code to quickly get you started.

And perhaps most importantly, the Highcharts for Python toolkit is the first official integration supported by Highcharts. While there have been community integrations in the past, this new integration is fully backed by Highcharts, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your charting solutions.