Highstock 7: Empowering developers & end users

After nearly a year of continuous development since the release of Highstock 6, we are putting the final touches on our seventh release. Available mid-November, Highstock 7 builds on code that has been battle-tested across thousands of companies for almost a decade.

It also continues along the path of making popular financial statistics (technical indicators) available within the client, as first introduced in release 6. In fact, twenty additional technical indicators have been added, and you may easily create your own as well. In addition, a new WYSIWYG annotation module has been added.

This makes it easy for developers to turn Highstock 7 into a comprehensive, interactive, front-end framework for financial analysis and trading. With Highstock 7, self-service analytics and business intelligence capabilities are now available to business users at all levels.

The new interactive features of Version 7 can be assembled in a provided toolbar, allowing your analysts or prospects to enhance their charts to advanced analytical level charts without the aid of developers. Creating web-based content or financial reports using Highstock 7, will take minimal effort, resulting in a faster turn around time to market for your financial products. Allowing non-specialists to perform effective analysis and sharpen their decision making.


Highstock is the data visualization tool for financial analysis and comes out of the box with a large number of technical indicators ranging from SMA, Bollinger Bands, Pivot Points, Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, and many others. Indicators which require their own vertical axis can be displayed through synchronized charting panes. Custom indicators can be requested or in-house developed with minimal effort.


Marking up your chart with annotations is an attractive feature for analysts to illustrate trends and events. Your financial products and services gain value when adding interactive annotations that result in sharpened decision making. Highstock annotations, allow you to write texts, draw arrows, symbols, and further provide full support for advanced financial annotations such as Fibonacci, Pitchfork and Parallel Channels.

Highstock 7 feature list

The features for creating both informative and astonishingly interactive charts, included with Version 7, are the following:

  • Measure annotation, simply select a part of the chart and receive detailed information about min, max, average and total of bins for the selected range. This works in all dimensions x, y, and x/y.
  • Select and draw shapes, arrows, and text.
  • Place financial annotations, choose from:
    • Pitchfork
    • Fibonacci
    • Elliott wave 3
    • Elliott wave 5
    • Parallel channel
    • Trendlines:
      • Using segments: from point A to B.
      • Ray: from point A to B then to the edge of the chart.
      • line: from edge to point A, to point B, to the edge of the chart.
    • Crooked lines, using 3 points or 5 points
    • Flags (using build-in Flag series)
    • Vertical arrows/counters, by clicking on a point to add an arrow pointing that point
  • Horizontal price indicator: displaying current price on a vertical axis and optionally an extra horizontal line through the entire chart reflecting the current price level.
  • Additional 20+ new frequently used technical indicators, our indicator module allows for defining custom indicators.
  • Automatic add/remove horizontal panes necessary for technical indicators.
  • Full screen mode.
  • Show/Hide all annotations toggle.
  • Choosing a chart type; between line, area, candlestick OHLC).
  • Clock (date/time indicator).
  • “Save Chart” option for saving the annotations, panes and indicators.



Highstock delivers charting for financial charts such as OHLC and Candlestick to reflect interactive movements in price over time. We have optimized the rendering speed for Highstock with smart data grouping and by offering data selection through navigator or range selectors to handle immense amounts of data effortlessly. Highstock supports out of the box annotations and includes a comprehensive set of technical indicators to build content-rich finance websites, apps and trading platforms that exceed your requirements.

Built on top of HTML5 Highcharts

Highstock is the module built on top of Highcharts, the preferred HTML5 charting web-based solution in the charting industry. This module includes over thirty different chart types, responsive design and offers automatic optimization for displaying charts across all devices.
All Highcharts modules, including Highstock, are based upon HTML5, lightweight, battle-tested and congruent with the latest technological developments. However, we understand that infrastructure should not be shifted drastically. That’s why Highcharts additionally provides support for legacy versions and all major internet browsers.

Highstock comes with an extensive, well documented API and is readily extendable. Developers can rely on our active, engaged community or opt to include our Premium Support for priority response time, advice on implementation and delivering hot-fixes.

Stay tuned for our official release in mid-November!

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