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    Awesome explaination. I sorted out lots of confusions which I had before.

  • Vincent Lal

    Thanks for the easy explanation Samarth.

  • oborudko

    Nice tutorial, but what if I want to use Gauge or something from highcharts-more? it does not seems to work/ Thanks

    • Thanks for your comment. What kind of challenges are you facing to set up a gauge chart type?

      • oborudko

        error #17, looks like I need to load somehow highcharts-more and solidgauge module, but even if I import them to the component, I still get #17 error… seems like something else needs to be done, not sure what.

        • Does it work if you use a simple line chart? Please, try to process by elimination to better locate the issue.

          • oborudko

            hi, sorry about the delay, managed to solve it finally. Thanks for you efforts in trying to help!

          • Matt Pedersen

            Can I ask how you solved the issue? I’m running into the exact same issue.

          • oborudko

            import * as HighCharts from ‘highcharts’;
            import * as HighchartsMore from ‘highcharts/highcharts-more’;
            import * as SolidGauge from ‘highcharts/modules/solid-gauge’;

          • Matt Pedersen

            You rock, @disqus_DKqOUJ0PuL:disqus! I appreciate the help!

          • Jayashree Narayanan

            You sharing of code was of great help. I suffered for 4 hours try to nail it down and finally saw your code just now and got it working. Super job of sharing code.

          • Bryan T. Siders

            ‘highcharts/highcharts-more’ doesn’t seem to exist in 6.0.7, but I was able to install highcharts-more separately, albeit with a deprecation warning. @disqus_DKqOUJ0PuL:disqus’s answer works for me with this change, but I’m concerned that it looks like highcharts-more is supposed to be going away?

            import * as HighchartsMore from ‘highcharts-more’;

          • It works fine. Thank you!

  • Julio Azevedo

    Hi, thanks for the tutorial. I have a doubt. When the graph has many columns, how to hide some and do a scroll on the screen? (But no scrollbar visible)

    • Julio Azevedo

      The solutions for this:

      chart: {
      panning: true

      events: {
      load () {
      this.xAxis[0].setExtremes(0, 7)

  • Rudolf Brink

    Hi, when I create a second page and add a chart on it, the chart is not populated. On top if I go back on the home page the chart is not populated anymore. Any ideas?

    • Samarth Agarwal

      How are you retrieving the data to populate the chart on Page 2? Looking at the code may help.

  • Mohanraj R

    hi, thanks for the tutorial is there any option to Zoom in and Zoom out the Chart

  • The.Wretched.One

    How do you get it to reload after page navigation? When I browse back to the page I have the chart the chart is now gone since ionViewDidLoad only gets fired once. Tried ionViewDidEnter and that doesn’t seem to work as well.

  • amutisya

    hello, i face an issue where the chart loads the first time you visit the page but doesnt load on subsequent visits. i have initiated the chart from ionViewDidEnter as that is called every time one visits the page but nothing. could you please assist me on how to make it load with every page visit.. thanks