Australian Football League

The Australian Football League is the pre-eminent professional competition in the sport of Australian rules football.

Nowadays, the sports entities are using data visualization extensively to inform the fans; this chart, created by the Australian Football Lreague, compares the popularity of the players using a simple yet powerful bar chart.

TheVisualizED (visual Twitter)

TheVisualizED is to change the perspective of using (initially for) Twitter. It's an application that plots Twitter Tweets on the #Hashtag and @User Handle search.

Also read this article for more info.

TheVisualizED targets Twitter and with customize-able search for hashtags and user handles one can follow the Trend over Twitter, Visually!


Alma Media is a Finnish media and service company focusing on digital services and publishing.


ESPN is a renowned U.S sports based global cable and satellite television channel.

This is another excellent and useful example of data visualization within the sports world. ESPN’s goal was to display a very large amount of statistics from a variety of sports, and display this information in a number of highly attractive charts that they created.

This example shows a basketball teams percentile per play for each Warrior’s team member such as their transition, handoff, and isolation etc. This chart not only informs fans of the players performance, but also helps media coverage analysis, and gives great insight for the coaching staff.