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The system collects high-frequency process data or increment utility data for real-time exception analysis or management reporting and features extensive data communication options.


Highstock for fund performance financial data. Dashboards, analytical applications, mobile apps and more. Consulting specialized on Highcharts and Highstock. Based in Stockholm, Sweden

Healthy Louisiana

The Department of Health, in conjunction with the Governor’s Office and the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, makes available up-to-date information during times of emergency.

The following dashboard allows users to visualize the Medicaid expansion of the state of Louisiana, with all statistical details such as the enrollment by parish, health insurance, mental health, etc.

Using different chart types in one chart or dashboard is a very powerful data visualization combination, as each chart has its own benefit and specific usage. The map visualizes the total new enrollment by parish, where the bar chart compares the monthly statistics of the breast cancer diagnosis.

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Squoring Technologies

Highcharts is the graphic library for our Software Analytics solution.
We use Highcharts to produce the dashboard of our tool "Squore", dedicated to the monitoring of product quality and process efficiency in software developments.