Strata® is an integrated hub of knowledge, metrics, information and reporting tools to help unlimited users drive down operational costs (energy, resources, and raw materials), improve quality, reduce delivery lead-times and reduce environmental risk. Our web tools collect business improvement innovations and shares the experience and knowledge across the company/enterprise.

The system collects high-frequency process data or increment utility data for real-time exception analysis or management reporting and features extensive data communication options.

React-native wrapper for Highcharts

This is a react-native component for IOS and Android that uses Highcharts where you send the configuration as a prop and the chart is rendered within a WebView.

TheVisualizED (visual Twitter)

TheVisualizED is to change the perspective of using (initially for) Twitter. It's an application that plots Twitter Tweets on the #Hashtag and @User Handle search.

Also read this article for more info.

TheVisualizED targets Twitter and with customize-able search for hashtags and user handles one can follow the Trend over Twitter, Visually!


This is an app for the Android platform that takes weather data, from any one of a number of different sources including the excellent Norwegian Meteorological Office, and plots it using Highcharts.

As well as weather data, you can also display tidal data, wave data, sun/moon elevation data, and much more besides. The meteogram chart can be displayed as a "widget" directly on the device's home screen, updating on a regular schedule, or via an "app" which provides an interactive (clickable) interface.

Two different mechanisms are used: (a) server-generated charts; and (b) device-generated charts. Both mechanisms can be used to generate content for a "widget", while the latter mechanism is used for the "app" content.